Weekend Wrap-Up

Whoa! The weekend is over already! When did this happen! Where did my time go? Cah-razy. But really, I am so ready for today. I have tons to do and more to get done this week. Let me do a quick shout out to my love for taking me on a weekend mini vay-kay. Aside from some minor weird ness, that I will spare you the details of.. it was mucho fun. No complaints from my side.

7 hikes for every woman who are on my to do list.
I know what we are making on Valentine’s Day.
The Milky Way always takes my breath away.
Even with the best intentions, you have to DO.

*Yes, I do take a lot of photos of Poe. But really he is my only practice photography subject matter. So really what I am saying is… I can do what I want because it’s my blog. lol